Fendi 2Jours: Prefect purse in the daily work

2Jours with modernism style reflects Fendi’s ideology: Combination of tradition and creativity. Since its launch, It has got praise and pursuit from fashionistas and female stars because of stylish design and practical function. High quality materials make it durable, while capacity and inner structure satisfies users’ demands on different occasions. Its vintage and simple geometric lines are full of elegant style, which displays he unique essence of the Roman brand, Fendi. Just as the meaning in France “Toujours”, Fendi 2Jours bag keeps you company.

As usual, Fendi 2Jours contains concise sense and easy-matching beauty. The enamel cross axis edged with metal flows smoothly at the top of the bag, showing strong beauty of lines. The bag body and two swings are made of two different materials so that the body looks solid and soft swings can expand more room. It is equipped with two top handles and one detachable shoulder strap, but you had better not remove the strap, or the bag looks monotonous. It is a nice accessory for you in the daily work. Four rivets play important parts in protecting the bottom. Two compartments are divided by a zip pocket on striped fabric lining. No more pockets in two compartments.

Fendi 2Jours for spring/summer contains these elements, such as geometric patchwork, suede in pure color, Mosaic, bright transparent material, sequins, bead, tassels, gradient colors and so on. It is very interesting that different colors bring the three-dimensional visual perception. For fall/winter, the bag with animal fur, patent leather, wool, felt and knitted fabrics make the cold weather more abundant. Low key but luxurious look is just Fendi’s idea.

2Jours has just been popular when it was launched. Later, Fendi published Mini 2 Jours IN 2013. fits Asian female better. The lightweight and cute look is suited to Asian female. Besides, personal customization version is also popular. You can customize the metal tag with your initials and create your own handbag.

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Fascinating Fendi Peekaboo bag

Fendi Peekaboo bag symbolizes Fendi’s core ideology: Duality! Elegant, concise and timeless appearance reveals noble soul by handcraft; Implicit and unexpected interior brings us the other surprise: The exterior and interior colors and different textures show visual contrast. The high quality cowhide or rare leather shows low-key but elegant. The new concept for luxury fashion tells that fashion doesn’t need to be loud. Inspired by Peekaboo, a childish game, Fendi Peekaboo bag shows its distinctive design filled with nifty fun. When the front pocket is open, the combination of different colors, materials and patterns reflects Peekaboo’s funny joy.

Born in 2009, at first Fendi Peekaboo bag wasn’t popular with people except European and American stars, fashion bloggers and female stars in China. It really caught much attention because of the model with monster face on the stiff partition. As long as you pull down the front panel, the little monster will glance at you straightly. What exquisite and interesting design! In addition to chic compact appearance, it has amazing interior room-two big pockets which hold your daily files, even lots of cosmetics.

The following picture shows Fendi Peekaboo bag in four sizes: Large, Regular, Mini, Micro.

Large size is a good option in your daily work, but only tall girls can hold it because of too large dimension. look, it’s a little bigger for Olivia with a height of less than 165cm. When you go travelling, such a elegant and practical handbag must meet your demands.

Medium size with moderate size and capacity is most girls’ choice, just fashion standard match.

Mini size is more suitable for petite girls in leisure style or on a date.

Micro edition is a eye-catching evening purse. Though it is too small to hold a cellphone, super chic look makes it be a hot “it” bag. It also regarded as an ornament hanging a medium bag, which helps you look more stylish.

With the popularity of Peekaboo bag, customised versions and limited editions are available in materials, ornaments and design. Shoulder straps decorated with exaggerated collage flowers make you look individualistic.

In the fall/winter 2016 series, romantic flouncy element makes Peekaboo bag fresh.


In the fall/winter 2017 series, Peekaboo bag with printing, embroider, three-dimensional flowers and rivets attracts a great number of young girls.

It is worth mentioning that Fendi supplies individual customization, especially celebrities are invited to design Peekaboo bag, such as Adele, Cara Delevigne, Anna dello Russo, Liu Wen, Yang Lan, Angelababy, Guo Jingjing, Timmy Yip, Liang Yuanwei and so on.

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Fendi 3Jours handbag with fashion, elegance, function and youth

FENDI is a famous Italian luxury brand. As the earliest leather family, FENDI brand was established formally in 1925 by Adele Fendi in Rome. With its development, FENDI expanded to the knitting clothing, swimsuits, even jewelry and male perfume. To this day, the brand enjoys a high reputation for its luxury fur and classic handbags.Karl Lagerfeld has worked as brand designer since 1965. The famous double F logo is also designed by Carl Carl, whose dramatic design concept makes FENDI brand win the world’s attention and high praise, even become it top status.

Quite a lot of FENDI purses attract Female stars and celebrities! What is worth recommending is FENDI 3Jours handbag. 3Jours in France means three days. It means that it can meet your 3-day daily use and make you fall in love with such a bag in 3 days. Handbag in soft black calfskin with raw-cut finish, overall design and colors give a simple and monotonous without feeling. It looks elegant and is filled with youth and energies. Trapezoidal bag body and two swings show its beauty of lines and elegant charm. Wrapped edges in other bright color add youth and energies to the bag. Slim rounded top handles bring you good experience of wearing. Leather and silver palladium arrow-shaped pendant makes the bag more adorable. Hand-stitched buttonhole bars on each side are another features. Low key Fendi Roms logo on the front tells people its noble and high end workmanship. Simple design for the interior stays consistency with overall style.

From the pictures in female stars’ street style, it is obvious that 3Jours handbag is right for young girls. Whether in the daily work or in the street style, it will help you be the elegant and charming star in the crowd. 3Jours handbag in peach, pink or light grey stands out your youth and charm strongly. The black or tan with multicolored edges make you look steady but adorable. The bag with fur trimming is more suitable in the cold weather and adds bright colors to the monotonous seasons.

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