Goyard Boeing travelling bag: inheritance from craftsmanship in the 19th century

With the unceasing development of urbanization and tourism industry, travelling has been regarded as a good way to open their eyes and release their physical and mental stress. So as to enjoy a wonderful time, the lightweight and capacity of travelling bags is taken into consideration first. Gradually, more and more people select travelling bags made of canvas. Goyard Boeing travelling bag in Goyardine canvas is chosen by many celebrities.

In the 19th century, travelling by train started to develop and became more and more popular with rich people soon. The earliest French suitcase maker, Goyard made suitcases in a new canvas material called Goyardine canvas to satisfy travellers’ demands, setting the trend of suitcase manufacturing. Chevron pattern on the canvas which was invented in 1892 is earlier than the Louis vuitton Monogram.
Since Francois Goyard established the brand in 1853, Goyard has supplied products for the British royal, American President and the Russian aristocracy. So to speak, Goyard is popular all over Europe and even Asia high society, including celebrities from French first lady Carla Bruni, Victoria Beckham, Faye Wong and so on.

So far, Goyard never advertises and follow the fashion of the network marketing. Even many fashion medias wanted to interview it to promote the brand and its products, but failed. It has only twenty or thirty stores all over the world. What a classic luxury brand with unique attitude.

Goyard Boeing travelling bag combine elegance and simplism with distinctive temperament, presenting a unique but classic style.  Inspired by male suitcase, Goyard Boeing inherited rectangle design style. Classic Goyardine canvas makes the bag more portable and durable. The design for the longer zipper and bag’s shoulders with snap buttons expands bag’s capacity. Goyard Boeing borrowed some elements from the earlier suitcase, top handles copied the design for the belt fastening conventional mail boxes. The adjustable top handles and shoulder strap provide customers with more convenience. Four studs on the bottom increase the stability and wear resistance.

The perpetual designer of Channel, Karl Lagerfeld’s all travelling outfits come from Goyard. The funny thing is that Karl couldn’t love his Goyard suitcases any more so that he will wrap them with cling film from a little scratch when he travels.

The people who choose Goyard will be the ones who pursue the individuality and don’t drift the crowd. Be yourself! Choose Goyard Boeing travelling bag!

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Goyard Saint Louis: the glamour of classic tote bag

When it comes to expensive luxury purses, which one do you think first? Hermes, Delvaux or LV? It is unreasonable if you don’t know Goyard. As the main products, a large Goyard tote bag costs about $8000. However, the rich people all over the world are crazy for Goyard tote bags.

Comparing to other luxury brands like Louis vuitton (1854), Chanel (1909) and Gucci (1921), Goyard may not have so high public popularity, although it has a long history. Goyard never advertises and has few stores around the world, but a great number of loyal followers support it.

As a French trunk and leather goods maker, Goyard which was founded in 1953 is loyal to historical inheritance, uncompromising craftsmanship and creative design, making it success in unique Parisian purse aesthetics. Chevron pattern and consistent quality build up its status in high fashion field.

As one of the world’s most popular bags, Goyard Saint Louis tote handbag symbolizes Goyard’s attitude and inherits its Brand Spirit. Why do so many female stars like the tote bag? It has many surprising advantages: low-key and simple style, ultra-light weight, wear resistance and water resistance. Many celebrities and customers love these features. At first it was designed as a beach bag, the double-faced feature makes it popular in summer. It will change into a beautiful beige white tote bag when it is turned over. Goyardine canvas makes Saint Louis tote bag different from others. Besides, it is equipped with a small pouch which is convenient to keep a passport, a wallet and other small items.

In the busy urban life, girls are present on social occasions or attend numerous conferences. When you are on vocation or go shopping, Goyard Saint Louis tote bag satisfies girls’ all demands in leisure style.

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