Burberry Crossbody Bag Replicas


Burberry Small Leather and House Check Crossbody bag: Real VS Replica

There is no doubt that Burberry is a typical representative of British Style, making a great contribution in promoting British style to extend to the world. Simple but elegant, delicately-made and decent features make Burberry impressive. Not only Burberry Trench coats but also Burberry bags have these features. Frankly speaking, Burberry bags are less famous and less popular than the Trench coats. Only Burberry fuses practicality and elegance into its products in the entire luxury goods field. In 1924, Burberry house check with Scottish style was registered as a trademark. The check pattern in red, camel, black and white was became the synonym of Burberry soon. As a symbol of Burberry house and status, Burberry check wasn’t officially applied to items until 1967.

In show business, superstars are wind vanes of luxury goods and fashion trends. When you search Gucci Dionysus bag and Chanel quilted nappa bag in Google, so many female celebrities wear them in the daily use. As for Burberry house check bag, it seems that it is less popular. I don’t know why. I think Burberry bags are distinctive, iconic, fine and decent, like Burberry Banner, the bridle, the Rucksack, the new DK88 bag. Maybe, Burberry needs to improve the marketing strategies. Anyway, I really like Burberry bags. Here, I recommend Burberry small leather and house check crossbody bag in ink blue to all you. And, I’ll compare two fine replicas to it.

Burberry Small Leather and House Check Crossbody bag in ink blue
Burberry bags contain long and deep brand culture, whose details show British elegance and careful attitude. With chic look, structured exterior and durable leather and canvas, Burberry bags prove that to be an elegant lady is so easy. The compact crossbody bag in grainy leather and house check. Small and structured, it is designed to keep its shape, while expandable internal compartments and an exterior zip pocket allow for easy organisation. Ink blue symbolizes wisdom, calmness, beauty and pardon. Burberry house check crossbody bag in ink blue is suitable for wisdom girls and office elites most.

Best Replica Burberry Crossbody bag in Leather and House Check
The bag is the best one among all replica Burberry crossbody bags in leather and house check. First, it’s nearly the same as the real in structured look, color, house check and hardware. But, we can see differences from two details. One is the stitches on the front panel in house check. It’s clear that the house check panel of the replica bag is sewed with lighter thread. The other is the lining. By comparing both them, the replica Burberry bag has the darker blue (close to black) lining. The replica Burberry crossbody bag in calf will be passed off as the real one, because it’s hard to identify if you are careless.

Cheap imitation Burberry Small House Check Crossbody Bag
The structured look of the cheap imitation Burberry crossbody bag is copied well. It has nearly the same look as the real, but it’s clear that it’s fake. First, the blue leather looks brighter. Second, white stitches on the house check panel are easy to be identified. Third, from the blue back flap cover and fabric lining, we know that it’s fake. Fourth, color of the hardware is lighter.