Celine Luggage tote


To this day, Celine Luggage tote’s appeal never die down!

Celine insists on Minimalism style which reveals its refreshing and refined temperament. Creative Director Phoebe Philo designed his first purse —70s-inspired Celine Luggage, whose debute achieved huge success and won much praise in the high fashion field in 2010, even in the next few years. To this day, Luggage is still the most typical in the Celine purse family.

Both ends of top handle and the zipper below forms an adorable face which impressed people deeply, soon Celine Luggage took over the market and became “it bag” every it girl wanted. Also Celine selected high grade leather to make perfect quality stand out. It is the most difficult and tested that neat and exquisite stitch and delicate suture was done perfectly. Celine Luggage is not only simple and luxurious but also functional and practical. All in all, Celine Luggage uses top quality to tell its prudent and confident attitude. Celine Luggage in pure colors seems more formal, while patchwork style looks more active and interesting.

So, is it out of style to wear a Luggage bag produced before more than 6 years?
Absolutely not!!!
Look! Super model Bella Hadid in black&white tote appeared on the street recently! (配图)

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Celine Luggage is available in three sizes: Mini 12′ x 12′ x 7′ (H x W x D), Micro 10′ x 10′ x 6′ (H x W x D), Nano 8′ x 8′ x 4′ (H x W x D). Don’t be confused, in fact Mini is the large size. Besides top handles, Celine Nano Luggage Tote is equipped with a shoulder strap, but Mini and Micro Tote don’t have it. Celine Mini or Micro Luggage Tote is the better choice when too many items are carried in the daily life, but Mini is not a good option if you are a little girl since Mini is large and heavy.
Available in different colors: black, red, pink, beige, blue, khaki, camel, grey, light blue, yellow, black&white, indigo, Burgundy.
Available in different materials: smooth calf, grained calf, patchwork, croc-embossed leather.