Burberry Ashby


Elegance Is An Easy Task: Burberry Classic Handbag Top3

“British style” is a very hot concept. Many people are pursuing this style. There is no doubt that Burberry is a typical representative of the British style. Not only is the Burberry windbreaker, but the handbag is also like this. Throughout the luxury world, no other brand can combine the practicality and elegance to be better than Burberry. The following bags are the most popular series of Burberry. If you don’t know what to buy, you can consider it from the collections below.

The Rucksack

Usually, wearing a fashion suit with a backpack is very weird, but in the world of Burberry, wearing a fashion suit with a backpack is very stylish and chic! Among all the types of bags, the shoulder bag and elegance are the least related. Among all the materials, nylon and elegance are the least related. However, Burberry miraculously made the nylon shoulder bag also British elegance. The Rucksack Military Backpack is one of Burberry’s it bags, with such a bag that you can truly appreciate what can make ordinary things extraordinary.

The Banner

The classic is unparalleled and the texture is incredible. In the star street shooting, its high frequency appears since the style reveals a kind of feminine softness in elegance. Not to be overwhelmed, but constantly to add a sense of intellectual charm to the owner. It is a perfect match with the work clothes.

The Ashby

The classic bucket modeling with the timeless Burberry plaid creates the Unbeatable Ashby series.
The Ashby handbag takes the casual and practical Burberry bag to a new level, offering a shoulder strap and a detachable wallet. Originally, the price is cheaper. It is awfully worthwhile to buy it since you can also get a gratis wallet as a gift.

It stands to reason that such a simple and rude vat bag should be a tribal style. However, the girl carrying The Ashby bag is not like an Indian princess, but a fashion girl on the streets of London. This is inseparable from the exquisite workmanship, and the rigorous shape makes this style casual but not threadbare. The degree of sophistication of leather and hardware is far more than that of a typical brand of buckets.

The British style is the advantage of Burberry, but also a limitation. This style is noble and fragile, and the inappropriate fit of the clothing will destroy the delicate sense of the bag. Matching Burberry’s outfits is a very smart choice. The British temperament clothing and the British temperament of the bag complement each other. The elegance and meticulousness of the bag will shine under the fineness of the clothing. At Burberry, elegance is an easy task.

Canvas or Tassels, Burberry Ashby Has Double That is So Cool!

The Tassels have always been a classic element of the fashion world. Swinging between the walk, there is a sense of fashion style that belongs to an elegant lady. The autumn and winter show of Burberry had the style of tassels with bohemian. In addition to giving the women a romantic and feminine temperament, this show adds the feeling of a little hidden rebellious, small and unscrupulous. This design can enrich a touch of mysterious style, and it also highlights the strong and independent courage. As a classic bag of Burberry’s collections, the Ashby bag is especially chic for the tassel charm.

The shape of Burberry Ashby collection bag comes from traditional equestrian knight-wear. A neutral and handsome style with a smooth and simple overall line, this bag shows a noble and elegant silhouette to customers.

When the canvas bag meets the tassel decoration, it always hits a special spark. At rest, the Ashby handbag is wrapped in bright leather tassels, which is low-key and elegant. When walking, the floating tassels flow out of the flowing lines that inadvertently reveals the inner Canvas plaid. This one-of-a-kind detail design is full of bohemian style and expresses just the right amount of freedom and temperament.

For the main material, the brand chooses the Italian suede and the classic Canvas plaid, which is covered with a romantic personality of bright leather tassels. And it has a delicate cross-body bag and Hobo bag. For any occasion, the beautiful Ashby bag can handle it easily.

Burberry Ashby bag with a brown leather shoulder strap that neutralizes the brightness of the bag, giving the whole a harmonious aesthetic. The design of the drawstring on both sides is the signature style of brand. And it is also very suitable for the needs of this bag style. The design of leather tassels decoration on both sides of the drawstring is very attractive. Whether it’s open or closed, this bag can always be fun. And there is also a button closure inside the bag, adding a new way to use the it.

As it is a bucket shape, the bag has a large capacity. And the inner flat open pocket allows the items to be placed in a organized manner. However, for a lazy person like me, the bag is perfect as long as the space is large enough. As for whether it is organized or not, I really don’t care.

Unlike the high-profile of T-station, the fashionable girl who walks on the streets of the city only needs a simple basic model, matching with a smart Burberry Ashby handbag that can create a unique British style. So, what are you waiting for? Let the tassels of Burberry Ashby sway by your side to add youth and vitality to your winter.