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Celebrities style: Burberry The Orchard Bag

The bags in the hands of actresses are always the most concerned by fashion fans. As long as they are out of the street, they will become the new generation Icon Bag. We believe that you and we must be included. Burberry’s The Orchard Bag is fortunate to be it bag loved by world-famous actresses. “Spider-Girl” Emma Stone, Queen S Blake Lively and so on have Burberry’s The Orchard Bags out of the street.

About Burberry The Orchard Bag

Brief introduction of the bag: The Orchard Bag is the fashion bag launched by Burberry. The design is simple, the lines are smooth, the colour is elegant, the capacity is large, and the metals are delicate, making it can be called a “5 good bag”. In other words, it can meet all the woman’s requirements for a bag, which will inevitably become the favourite of the actresses. This is also the fact. The Orchard handbag debuted at the Burberry Prorsum women’s show in Fall/Winter 2012, it has quickly become popular among fashionistas and celebrities. One of the best things about this bag is that it has many different materials, colours and themes that you can match to suit your taste and style.Emma Stone, born on November 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, actress. In February 2017, she won the Best Actress of Award at the 89th Oscar Academy Awards for her performance in The City of Philharmonic. In December 2018, she nominated the 76th American Film and Television Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress Award thanks to her wonderful performance in the movie Beloved.

In the picture, she used Burberry The Orchard Bag to present us with 3 different style matches. No matter for airport clothes or long coats, the minimalist style of Burberry The Orchard Bag has been brought to the extreme, and the three different matches were mainly black, which was just suitable for the colour of the bags.

Blake Lively, born August 25, 1987, in Tasmania, California, USA, is an American actress who is known for her hit TV series of Gossip Girl. British supermodel Rosie Huntington Whitely, in 2011, she was named the sexiest woman in the world by Maxim magazine. The leather bag carried by them also belongs Burberry’s The Orchard series. Unique hexagonal design coupled with noble materials, this bag has a low-key retro feel. There is no name for the brand, and there is no trace of Burberry’s famous plaid design. A great number of fashion bloggers especially like Blake Lively’s suede striped leather bag. Suede leather is very difficult to handle, but the stripe pattern and colour are very attractive and it is hard to make people feel unappealing.

Elegance Is An Easy Task: Burberry Classic Handbag Top3

“British style” is a very hot concept. Many people are pursuing this style. There is no doubt that Burberry is a typical representative of the British style. Not only is the Burberry windbreaker, but the handbag is also like this. Throughout the luxury world, no other brand can combine the practicality and elegance to be better than Burberry. The following bags are the most popular series of Burberry. If you don’t know what to buy, you can consider it from the collections below.

The Rucksack

Usually, wearing a fashion suit with a backpack is very weird, but in the world of Burberry, wearing a fashion suit with a backpack is very stylish and chic! Among all the types of bags, the shoulder bag and elegance are the least related. Among all the materials, nylon and elegance are the least related. However, Burberry miraculously made the nylon shoulder bag also British elegance. The Rucksack Military Backpack is one of Burberry’s it bags, with such a bag that you can truly appreciate what can make ordinary things extraordinary.

The Banner

The classic is unparalleled and the texture is incredible. In the star street shooting, its high frequency appears since the style reveals a kind of feminine softness in elegance. Not to be overwhelmed, but constantly to add a sense of intellectual charm to the owner. It is a perfect match with the work clothes.

The Ashby

The classic bucket modeling with the timeless Burberry plaid creates the Unbeatable Ashby series.
The Ashby handbag takes the casual and practical Burberry bag to a new level, offering a shoulder strap and a detachable wallet. Originally, the price is cheaper. It is awfully worthwhile to buy it since you can also get a gratis wallet as a gift.

It stands to reason that such a simple and rude vat bag should be a tribal style. However, the girl carrying The Ashby bag is not like an Indian princess, but a fashion girl on the streets of London. This is inseparable from the exquisite workmanship, and the rigorous shape makes this style casual but not threadbare. The degree of sophistication of leather and hardware is far more than that of a typical brand of buckets.

The British style is the advantage of Burberry, but also a limitation. This style is noble and fragile, and the inappropriate fit of the clothing will destroy the delicate sense of the bag. Matching Burberry’s outfits is a very smart choice. The British temperament clothing and the British temperament of the bag complement each other. The elegance and meticulousness of the bag will shine under the fineness of the clothing. At Burberry, elegance is an easy task.

You Cannot Miss The New Burberry Bag Even It Changed The Designer in 2019

For luxury brands, 2019 is a very important year, and many brands have changed designers. While the Burberry 2019 spring and summer fashion show, this is a rebirth of the brand. The new style has been sought after by fans. Let’s take a look at new changes that newcomer designer Riccardo Tisci made to Burberry.

The bag has more trials on the model, and the belt bag with new logo is definitely worthy of attention. Although the shape is square, it does not look rigid. The natural draped metal waist chain echoes the brand’s new logo design. I believe that with it on the street, your overall shape will be more refined.

From the briefcase to the messenger bag for the outside using and the sporty wallet or the passport bag, this season showing can be subtle to the high taste of Burberry.

The square bag of the TB bag can be used as a pocket or a clutch. The blogger boldly predicts that this stylish multi-function bag will become the latest It Bag, triggering a new wave of buying spree.

This lady’s business tote bag has the highest frequency, and the different fur textures make the bag a dual attribute of commuting and travel.
The classic plaid pattern appears on the bag, bringing a strong British style.
The bold letters add a sense of freshness and youth to the elegant bag.

Riccardo Tisci also brought his favorite deer element to Burberry. This square shoulder bag with a pattern and letter stitching is cute and cool, and it is bound to become the favourite bag of young girls.

There are passport and wallets hanging around the neck, liberating both hands, and expanding the new field of bag matching. This bag is really creative and eye-catching.

In addition to the transformation of women in this fashion show, there are many innovations in the men section. Sport is also the main style of men show. Contrast pockets and sneakers are all on the outdoor route, and it’s cool and fun to mix with casual style trench coats and jackets.

The 2019 Belt bag and clutches are also based on the concept of retro and fashion. The design is very simple, the color is cool and high. The striking new TB logo has a strange-new feeling. However, there are also netizen who vomit the TB logo and the brand’s philosophy is quite different. Too cumbersome logos have caused some consumers to lose their desire to buy.

In any case, the 2019 spring and summer fashion show is still familiar with the British style, with the previous materials, just a few new elements in the design. Overall, the new bag is still worth to have.

The Fashion Tassel Style of 2018 Autumn And Winter Show Blew The Cold of 2019

At the Burberry 2018 autumn and winter showing, Burberry Bucket bag combines the two popular elements of bucket and tassel that combined with the season chamois leather, which is really amazing.

The choice of style: The Bucket bag features a crisp flat-bottom design that gives the overall package a three-dimensional feel. With delicate pinch details on both sides, bag has high-end quality. Elegant The Bucket bag is the most popular collection for the season. Inspired by the ladies’ show series with the theme “Inlay, Pattern and Print”, The Bucket bag with different styles is selected from England’s suede with a selection of camouflage, animal prints and iconic Burberry House Check that is made by a smith. Delicately decorated with interlocking seams and hand-cut tassels, as well as exquisite details of the sheepskin, this bag creates the exotic national style of Bohemian.

The Bucket bag features a self-contained wrist bag on the inside, delicate pinch details on both sides and a detachable shoulder strap. While the lining uses a rayon Alcantara to polish the suede surface for extra luxury durable.
Size: height 36 cm, width 26.5 cm, depth 19 cm.

Several types of design belong to Burberry The Bucket bag as follow:
Animal wool sheepskin bucket bag
The selection of the calf hair is used to present the perfect color of this bag. French calfskin is trimmed, chrome-plated and barreled for a softer feel. The screen-printed fur in the Italian city of Como presents a fascinating natural glow.

Burberry Suede bucket bag with unique pattern
The English suede is selected, which is dried naturally. And then the process of fine polished can give the bag a final velvety texture. The camouflage suede bucket bag is a selection of suede with a beautiful camouflage print, which is stylish and avant-garde.

Burberry Fringed animal wool Pattern sheepskin bucket bag
Selected calf hair reflects perfect color through chrome tanning and two dyes. Hand-made handles and drawstrings are made from French calfskin, and each touch gives a soft and comfortable experience.

Burberry Laminated tassel Suede bucket bag
The English mink was cut into strips and stitched to the bag. Through the layering of the layers, the bucket bag is more personalized, which is suitable for elegant and lovely women.

This most popular of this season is Burberry Bucket bucket bag, which is made by selected raw English suede with personality camouflage, animal print and the iconic Burberry House Check plaid style. The same series of small and compact mini-stacked tassel Burberry bucket bags make women look sweet and sweet. In the choice of color, Burberry boldly abandon the previous black, white and brown, with wine red, dark blue, bright purple and other colors to light up the dull winter, let your 2019 open in the warm air.

What Will You Do This Weekends? It’s Better to Watch An Old Movie of Burberry’s 160-year History!

As the highlight of the December shopping carnival – Christmas was put on the agenda by brands. Burberry, a famous luxury brand in the UK, has been the first to launch a Christmas propaganda film titled “Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas”.

This Christmas ad has a distinct style difference from the holiday blockbuster that has a strong and straightforward Christmas atmosphere. In the video, scenes travel one by one, opening a journey through reality and fantasy on Christmas Day.

This film invites young artist and photographer Juno Calypso to take a photo shoot. “British Patient” actress, legendary actor Kristin Scott Thomas, musician M.I.A and supermodel Naomi Campbell all-star lineup are in film.

Of course, if this promo is not enough, the brand ahead (November 1) to prepare the Christmas micro movie “The Legend of the Thomas Burberry Brand Founder”. This film, written by Matt Charman and directed by British strength director Asif Kapadia, is only 3 minutes away, but it can take you back to 160-year history of brand.

The Legend of the Thomas Burberry Brand Founder
The real reappearances in film include the process by which Thomas invented the waterproof fabric, the design of clothing for the military, and the placement of the polar explorers and pilots. The main scene of the film was created by Burberry’s workshop in Castleford, York.

Actor lineup
Irish director, screenwriter and actor Domhnall Gleeson starred in the Burberry brand founder Thomas Burberry
British actor Sienna Miller plays the fictional first love lover of Thomas.
British actor Dominic West plays the explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.
British actor Lily James plays the pilot Betty Dawson.

“On the occasion of Christmas, when brand celebrates its 160th anniversary, we want to tell the legendary story of the founder of the brand, Mr. Thomas Burberry, through his own words. The film gives us a certain understanding of his long-lasting and intertwined life in the ups and downs of the 20th century. ”

Burberry works
Elegant choice: The Clutch is an elegant and compact bag with a folded envelope flap and magnet buckle at the top. Burberry embossed satin lining is selected for the bag, and the inner cross bag adds practicality to the bag. Each clutch comes with a detachable shoulder strap that can be carried and shoulder-mounted to enhance the functionality of the bag.
Size: height 29 cm, width 18 cm, depth 10 cm

Warm Heart Accessories: scarves and shawls are indispensable iconic pieces on every Burberry show. Elegant and meticulous The Long Fringe  tassel scarf (free to pair with couples) is selected from the luxurious grammar Kashmir, which is crafted in Scotland with fine craftsmanship that is stylish and long narrow design, double-sided long-side decorative hand-dyed tassels, perfectly blended with bohemian style.

One Bag for Multiple Purposes: Burberry Honeybrook Colorful Cross Pattern Tote Replica Women Bag

Originally I bought a bag as the birthday gift to a friend, and then the delivery address forgot to modify, it was sent directly to me. So I need to visit her at weekend. When the box was checked and accepted, I was completely attracted by the value of the bag. The color is better than the picture.

Thin black leather straps touch well. And the same tone stitching is fine and elaborate, offering a wonderful experience to the customers.

The closure design of the bag is also very unique. There is no general closure such as button and zipper. This engraved bag uses a metal perforated seal, which is very eye-catching. Of course, this hook is stitched on the bag. So, don’t worry about that there is no place to keep the hook when bag is open. At the same time, it shows the designer of the bag is very considerate.

I like the design of the both sides that belong to this imitated bag. With button, the sides have the beautiful lines, adding the gentle and modern to the whole bag. And due to the slim strips with buttons on both sides, so that the bags can be linked together to add security to bag. So, this bag is quite safe, although it has the open design.

Of course, if the demand for space is relatively large, this bag can be used as a bucket bag. Open the buttons on both sides will make more room for using. This is also the place that the bag attracts me.

The lining of bag is made of the classic canvas. In fact, I like this material very much. It is relatively hard and malleable, which can make the shape of bag very well. The material of the canvas is relatively wear-resistant and can be well managed during use. Don’t worry too much about the care of the bag.

Unlike other bags, this knock-off bag has no compartment inside, except for one main space. This is inconvenient for women who like to plan items neatly. Of course, the designer use the small canvas bag to solver this problem, which is connected with this bag. Though it is a small bag, the details are not perfunctory. Black leather edging, delicate red stitching and polished hardware, the bag can be used alone as a handbag. Unlike the elegant main bag, this small bag is more handsome and individual.

Black leather bottom with four gold metal buttons, which can keep the bag away from the harmful from the ground or something else. And in order to better protect the bottom, there are the leather strip connection between buttons and the bottom. This design is more robust and beautiful.

Several Factors Must be Considered When Choosing The Outdoor Sports Bag: Replica Burberry Ruchsack Dark Green Nylon Backpack 40149401

There are more and more friends traveling now, but the travel bags chosen by many friends are always not durable, easy to wear, not waterproof, not ventilated, etc.
Below I will use the Burberry backpack as an example to show the factors to consider when selecting a sports bag. I hope that my experience in buying a backpack can help everyone.

First, the style is very important.
Mainly to see the purpose, such as going out to climb the mountain, it is better not to choose a single shoulder diagonal bag, which is difficult to fix when climbing. And it will be more difficult for person to climb mountain. The top has a clamshell design that protects the contents of the bag from rain. Of course, its design is more fashionable and can also be used as a commuter bag. This bag can carry things like water, tools, clothing and more, which is not big and heavy that are suitable for travel.

Second, the material is very important.
Generally speaking, most of the traveller go out to enjoy some natural attractions with beautiful environment. This will not be able to avoid intimate contact with trees and stones. The body and the bag will be stung by these things easily. So it is significant to choose a bag that is resistant to wear. This backpack is made of nylon, which has the high abrasion resistance to handle general-intensity friction. Moreover, the backpack in this material is also able to resist the extreme weather in the mountains. The waterproof of nylon is recognized by everyone, and this bag has also been improved on the inner lining, which is very waterproof. Even if it is wet by rain, the breathable nylon is dried easily.

Third, choosing a backpack is based on gender.
Because of the different body and weight of men and women, the choice of outdoor backpacks is not the same. The bag I chose for myself is more suitable for slender girls, and the metal decoration at the shoulder strap is also very popular among women. However, men could choose the more large backpack for themselves, except the short excursion(one or two days trip doesn’t need too much things).

Fourth, choosing backpack accords with the distance of travel.
For a one-day round-trip outdoor event, choose a backpack of 30 liters or less.
Just like this bag. But if the time is long, you need to choose a larger capacity backpack.

In addition, the bags of general field activities are different from the backpacks used to climb the mountains. The backpacks used in mountain climbing do not have many parts. Friends who like mountain climbing need to pay attention. No matter how to choose, and the most critical factor is the practicality.

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