Bottega Veneta Olimpia


Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag for those girls who appreciate it

Maybe we don’t talk much about Bottega Veneta, an Italian luxury brand, but it is a top luxury brand and keeps competing against Hermès and Channel. Famous for outstanding artisan craftsmanship, creative design and practical function, Bottega Veneta purse enjoys a high reputation in focusing on high quality and prefect workmanship. The brand features its unique design, materials and craftsmanship instead of iconic logo. Those people who appreciate Bottega Veneta show interest in low key and nobility, but others complains it hardly is spotted in the crowd since it has iconic logo.

As Bottega Veneta said in the advertisement, when your own initials are enough. When you own a BV purse, you have been a confident and elegant lady. Knitting elements have been the most representative among BV products. Here highly recommend replica BV Nappa Olimpia bag in Elegant Black, Sea Blue and Rose Pink.

Inspired by Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Italy, the Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag borrowed the name from the gorgeous renaissance building. There is no doubt that knitting is one of the biggest features.
Made of smooth lambskin leather, it is crafted with rectangle flap-cover, standing out elegant temperament. It is equipped with a silver anti-rust link chain and leather handle which makes it more comfy to carry over the shoulder or hold in one hand. The other leather shoulder strap with delicate silver hook buckle allows you to wear over your shoulder or across your body. Suede lining works well in protecting your items from scratch. Two open compartments and one zip pocket provide you with smart room to place your items orderly.

Hand-made knitting and consistent elegant style make Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag be the unique bag with graceful look and high performance. The bag in romantic colors shapes you in mature and elegant style or young and vital style. It is waiting for you.