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Several Factors Must be Considered When Choosing The Outdoor Sports Bag: Replica Burberry Ruchsack Dark Green Nylon Backpack 40149401

There are more and more friends traveling now, but the travel bags chosen by many friends are always not durable, easy to wear, not waterproof, not ventilated, etc.
Below I will use the Burberry backpack as an example to show the factors to consider when selecting a sports bag. I hope that my experience in buying a backpack can help everyone.

First, the style is very important.
Mainly to see the purpose, such as going out to climb the mountain, it is better not to choose a single shoulder diagonal bag, which is difficult to fix when climbing. And it will be more difficult for person to climb mountain. The top has a clamshell design that protects the contents of the bag from rain. Of course, its design is more fashionable and can also be used as a commuter bag. This bag can carry things like water, tools, clothing and more, which is not big and heavy that are suitable for travel.

Second, the material is very important.
Generally speaking, most of the traveller go out to enjoy some natural attractions with beautiful environment. This will not be able to avoid intimate contact with trees and stones. The body and the bag will be stung by these things easily. So it is significant to choose a bag that is resistant to wear. This backpack is made of nylon, which has the high abrasion resistance to handle general-intensity friction. Moreover, the backpack in this material is also able to resist the extreme weather in the mountains. The waterproof of nylon is recognized by everyone, and this bag has also been improved on the inner lining, which is very waterproof. Even if it is wet by rain, the breathable nylon is dried easily.

Third, choosing a backpack is based on gender.
Because of the different body and weight of men and women, the choice of outdoor backpacks is not the same. The bag I chose for myself is more suitable for slender girls, and the metal decoration at the shoulder strap is also very popular among women. However, men could choose the more large backpack for themselves, except the short excursion(one or two days trip doesn’t need too much things).

Fourth, choosing backpack accords with the distance of travel.
For a one-day round-trip outdoor event, choose a backpack of 30 liters or less.
Just like this bag. But if the time is long, you need to choose a larger capacity backpack.

In addition, the bags of general field activities are different from the backpacks used to climb the mountains. The backpacks used in mountain climbing do not have many parts. Friends who like mountain climbing need to pay attention. No matter how to choose, and the most critical factor is the practicality.