December 2018


The Fashion Tassel Style of 2018 Autumn And Winter Show Blew The Cold of 2019

At the Burberry 2018 autumn and winter showing, Burberry Bucket bag combines the two popular elements of bucket and tassel that combined with the season chamois leather, which is really amazing.

The choice of style: The Bucket bag features a crisp flat-bottom design that gives the overall package a three-dimensional feel. With delicate pinch details on both sides, bag has high-end quality. Elegant The Bucket bag is the most popular collection for the season. Inspired by the ladies’ show series with the theme “Inlay, Pattern and Print”, The Bucket bag with different styles is selected from England’s suede with a selection of camouflage, animal prints and iconic Burberry House Check that is made by a smith. Delicately decorated with interlocking seams and hand-cut tassels, as well as exquisite details of the sheepskin, this bag creates the exotic national style of Bohemian.

The Bucket bag features a self-contained wrist bag on the inside, delicate pinch details on both sides and a detachable shoulder strap. While the lining uses a rayon Alcantara to polish the suede surface for extra luxury durable.
Size: height 36 cm, width 26.5 cm, depth 19 cm.

Several types of design belong to Burberry The Bucket bag as follow:
Animal wool sheepskin bucket bag
The selection of the calf hair is used to present the perfect color of this bag. French calfskin is trimmed, chrome-plated and barreled for a softer feel. The screen-printed fur in the Italian city of Como presents a fascinating natural glow.

Burberry Suede bucket bag with unique pattern
The English suede is selected, which is dried naturally. And then the process of fine polished can give the bag a final velvety texture. The camouflage suede bucket bag is a selection of suede with a beautiful camouflage print, which is stylish and avant-garde.

Burberry Fringed animal wool Pattern sheepskin bucket bag
Selected calf hair reflects perfect color through chrome tanning and two dyes. Hand-made handles and drawstrings are made from French calfskin, and each touch gives a soft and comfortable experience.

Burberry Laminated tassel Suede bucket bag
The English mink was cut into strips and stitched to the bag. Through the layering of the layers, the bucket bag is more personalized, which is suitable for elegant and lovely women.

This most popular of this season is Burberry Bucket bucket bag, which is made by selected raw English suede with personality camouflage, animal print and the iconic Burberry House Check plaid style. The same series of small and compact mini-stacked tassel Burberry bucket bags make women look sweet and sweet. In the choice of color, Burberry boldly abandon the previous black, white and brown, with wine red, dark blue, bright purple and other colors to light up the dull winter, let your 2019 open in the warm air.

What Will You Do This Weekends? It’s Better to Watch An Old Movie of Burberry’s 160-year History!

As the highlight of the December shopping carnival – Christmas was put on the agenda by brands. Burberry, a famous luxury brand in the UK, has been the first to launch a Christmas propaganda film titled “Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas”.

This Christmas ad has a distinct style difference from the holiday blockbuster that has a strong and straightforward Christmas atmosphere. In the video, scenes travel one by one, opening a journey through reality and fantasy on Christmas Day.

This film invites young artist and photographer Juno Calypso to take a photo shoot. “British Patient” actress, legendary actor Kristin Scott Thomas, musician M.I.A and supermodel Naomi Campbell all-star lineup are in film.

Of course, if this promo is not enough, the brand ahead (November 1) to prepare the Christmas micro movie “The Legend of the Thomas Burberry Brand Founder”. This film, written by Matt Charman and directed by British strength director Asif Kapadia, is only 3 minutes away, but it can take you back to 160-year history of brand.

The Legend of the Thomas Burberry Brand Founder
The real reappearances in film include the process by which Thomas invented the waterproof fabric, the design of clothing for the military, and the placement of the polar explorers and pilots. The main scene of the film was created by Burberry’s workshop in Castleford, York.

Actor lineup
Irish director, screenwriter and actor Domhnall Gleeson starred in the Burberry brand founder Thomas Burberry
British actor Sienna Miller plays the fictional first love lover of Thomas.
British actor Dominic West plays the explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.
British actor Lily James plays the pilot Betty Dawson.

“On the occasion of Christmas, when brand celebrates its 160th anniversary, we want to tell the legendary story of the founder of the brand, Mr. Thomas Burberry, through his own words. The film gives us a certain understanding of his long-lasting and intertwined life in the ups and downs of the 20th century. ”

Burberry works
Elegant choice: The Clutch is an elegant and compact bag with a folded envelope flap and magnet buckle at the top. Burberry embossed satin lining is selected for the bag, and the inner cross bag adds practicality to the bag. Each clutch comes with a detachable shoulder strap that can be carried and shoulder-mounted to enhance the functionality of the bag.
Size: height 29 cm, width 18 cm, depth 10 cm

Warm Heart Accessories: scarves and shawls are indispensable iconic pieces on every Burberry show. Elegant and meticulous The Long Fringe  tassel scarf (free to pair with couples) is selected from the luxurious grammar Kashmir, which is crafted in Scotland with fine craftsmanship that is stylish and long narrow design, double-sided long-side decorative hand-dyed tassels, perfectly blended with bohemian style.