December 2017


Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag for those girls who appreciate it

Maybe we don’t talk much about Bottega Veneta, an Italian luxury brand, but it is a top luxury brand and keeps competing against Hermès and Channel. Famous for outstanding artisan craftsmanship, creative design and practical function, Bottega Veneta purse enjoys a high reputation in focusing on high quality and prefect workmanship. The brand features its unique design, materials and craftsmanship instead of iconic logo. Those people who appreciate Bottega Veneta show interest in low key and nobility, but others complains it hardly is spotted in the crowd since it has iconic logo.

As Bottega Veneta said in the advertisement, when your own initials are enough. When you own a BV purse, you have been a confident and elegant lady. Knitting elements have been the most representative among BV products. Here highly recommend replica BV Nappa Olimpia bag in Elegant Black, Sea Blue and Rose Pink.

Inspired by Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Italy, the Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag borrowed the name from the gorgeous renaissance building. There is no doubt that knitting is one of the biggest features.
Made of smooth lambskin leather, it is crafted with rectangle flap-cover, standing out elegant temperament. It is equipped with a silver anti-rust link chain and leather handle which makes it more comfy to carry over the shoulder or hold in one hand. The other leather shoulder strap with delicate silver hook buckle allows you to wear over your shoulder or across your body. Suede lining works well in protecting your items from scratch. Two open compartments and one zip pocket provide you with smart room to place your items orderly.

Hand-made knitting and consistent elegant style make Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag be the unique bag with graceful look and high performance. The bag in romantic colors shapes you in mature and elegant style or young and vital style. It is waiting for you.

Why does Burberry Rucksack attract so many Female Stars ?

In London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016, Burberry launched The Rucksack, which has become a beloved accessory among Hollywood’s stylish stars. Burberry drew inspiration from Military Style in the early 20th century. The Rucksack was mainly made of Trench cloth and Gabardine nylon, also decorated with fine metal chains. The lightweight, showerproof backpack makes it comfortable to carry and supply multi-functional zip pockets.

It costs you $1490, $1350, $1190 according to its dimension: Large, Medium, Small. You have another choice. You can purchase large or medium copy backpacks on the site at $247.98 or $213.98. Why must you need a replica Rucksack? The following EIGHT conclusions tell you.

Conclusion 1: Mainly made of waterproof nylon, it is mixed with a rolled top handle, zip pullers, a drawstring and hasps in genuine leather. Two solid pockets are on the both sides, while 3D Burberry was seen strikingly on the front pocket.
Conclusion 2: Back panel with flexible cushions is comfy and soft to wear. A narrow piece of leather is attached above the back panel. Shoulder straps are decorated with small pieces of leather and metal chains.
Conclusion 3: Broad bottom and solid outer pockets prove the bag’s large room.
Conclusion 4: Viewing from the sides, we can see solid outline and hard nylon fabric clearly. The zips are on the middle-upper parts of the pockets.
Conclusion 5: Main nylon fabric and some leather and metal decorations make it light to wear, generally its weight is equal to a bottle of cola and another tin.
Conclusion 6: Large size: 12″ x 7.5″ x 14″ Medium size: 9.5″ x 5″ x 10″ It is OK to hold your computer or ipad and more items.
Conclusion 7: Black grosgrain was selected as the lining. Besides the largest pocket, one interior zip pocket and one interior slip pocket play important role in keeping items orderly.
Conclusion 8: The backpack looks more stylish because of the adjustable nylon straps spliced with gold-plated chains.

The Rucksack has many fans, such as Taylor Swift, Kate Bosworth, Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse, Karlie Kloss and many Chinese female stars. It will be your good helper in the daily life or when you go travelling. Some Burberry Rucksack in dark colors is suitable for men.

What?! SEVEN Burberry crossbody bags in check enhance your temperament!

When it comes to the most iconic pattern, Burberry classic check will be in people’s mind! Stripes with distinct lines and intersecting grids in different shades of red, camel, black and white bring people a simple but elegant feeling. Two things many famous brands like to do: Either sticking to classics or trying bold and new design! Time proves that classics is the most valuable and never goes out of fashion!

In 1924, Burberry had used the cloth with classic check as the lining of trench coats. Umbrellas, bags and scarves in classic check weren’t launched until 1967. Then products in check became the most popular, millions of girls dreamed of owning at least one check item. Later, items without iconic pattern attracted more people. But in 2017 Fall fashion show, we saw that Burberry launched many check items which are in street style and filled of youth. Burberry classic check came back strongly again.

The following SEVEN crossbody bags enhance your temperament in casual style, which mixed retro check and leather to show your temperament and energy.

1. Burberry Bridle House Check Crossbody Bag in Brown, Black, Red
A large area of smooth leather looks very modern and powerful, while thin bridle straps decorated on the body show the beauty of lines. Gold-plated hardware adds brilliance to the perfection. 10″ x 3″ x 6.5″ size is suitable for you to hold your phone,wallet, mirror, lipsticks and so on.

2. Burberry Machen House Check Crossbody Bag in Blue, Black, Tan
The delicate purse with grained leather and house check looks solid. Gold lock fastening the slim flap was made well and delicately. One slip pocket and two compartments make it more convenient to hold your items orderly!

3. Burberry Canvas Check Crossbody Bag in Black, Tan, Red, Brown
The canvas check bag brings you comfy experience of wearing. You will have a good time when you wear it in casual or at the weekends. 10.5″ x 5″ x 7″ dimension will do a favor in storing more items.

4. Burberry Canvas Check with grained leather Crossbody Bag in Black, Tan, Red
The grained leather flap with a smooth belt and gold-plated buckle strengthens visual effect on the basic of classic canvas check. 12″ x 8″ x 12″ size is another surprise!

5. Burberry Haymarket Check Crossbody Bag in White, Brown, Red
Haymarket Check bag is full of equestrian inspiration. Delicate cut and detail designs always are eye-catching. The purse in different colors bring you distinctive charm. 11″ x 4″ x 6.5″ dimension suits your demands.

6. Burberry Haymarket Check with the chain strap Crossbody Bag in Pink, Red, Dark red, Black, Tan
When the adjustable strap is removed, a chic clutch will convey your personal charm to the outside world. Different colors can be selected.

7. Burberry House Check Clutch Bag in Brown, Black, Red
It features unique stereoscopic triangle outline. Delicate detail designs impressed deeply. A detachable strap allows you to wear it three ways: over your shoulder, across your body or as a chic clutch bag!

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To this day, Celine Luggage tote’s appeal never die down!

Celine insists on Minimalism style which reveals its refreshing and refined temperament. Creative Director Phoebe Philo designed his first purse —70s-inspired Celine Luggage, whose debute achieved huge success and won much praise in the high fashion field in 2010, even in the next few years. To this day, Luggage is still the most typical in the Celine purse family.

Both ends of top handle and the zipper below forms an adorable face which impressed people deeply, soon Celine Luggage took over the market and became “it bag” every it girl wanted. Also Celine selected high grade leather to make perfect quality stand out. It is the most difficult and tested that neat and exquisite stitch and delicate suture was done perfectly. Celine Luggage is not only simple and luxurious but also functional and practical. All in all, Celine Luggage uses top quality to tell its prudent and confident attitude. Celine Luggage in pure colors seems more formal, while patchwork style looks more active and interesting.

So, is it out of style to wear a Luggage bag produced before more than 6 years?
Absolutely not!!!
Look! Super model Bella Hadid in black&white tote appeared on the street recently! (配图)

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Celine Luggage is available in three sizes: Mini 12′ x 12′ x 7′ (H x W x D), Micro 10′ x 10′ x 6′ (H x W x D), Nano 8′ x 8′ x 4′ (H x W x D). Don’t be confused, in fact Mini is the large size. Besides top handles, Celine Nano Luggage Tote is equipped with a shoulder strap, but Mini and Micro Tote don’t have it. Celine Mini or Micro Luggage Tote is the better choice when too many items are carried in the daily life, but Mini is not a good option if you are a little girl since Mini is large and heavy.
Available in different colors: black, red, pink, beige, blue, khaki, camel, grey, light blue, yellow, black&white, indigo, Burgundy.
Available in different materials: smooth calf, grained calf, patchwork, croc-embossed leather.


Alluring Bvlgari Serpenti Forever shoulder bag

As the third jewelry brand from Italy in the whole world, Bvlgari enjoys a high reputation in bold, unique, noble and classic design style. Sophia Loren, an Italian actress worked as the spokesperson of Bvlgari jewelry. Bvlgari means high end, which attracts many fans different stratums from Royals to middle class.

“Serpenti Forever” shoulder bag is worthy of the name “it bag” in the street fashion. A great number of  female stars at home and abroad wear it in their daily life.

Why Serpent?
Greek mythology is the inspiration of the serpent which symbolizes life. In Ancient Greece, Asclepius was considered as God of Healing who held a sceptre with two serpents. People believe serpent means rebirth, healing and mysterious power. Besides, with the development of Roman culture, serpent totem became an important element in designing jewelry. Later the serpent element was applied to purses.

Why is “Serpenti Forever” so hot?
First, serpent totem symbolizes positive energy.
Second, “Serpenti Forever” shoulder bag is a perfect match of precious metals, gems and nice leather, which is not only a bag, even a lifelong investment.
Third, the design for details contains delicate charming. The structured silhouette with geometry was inspired by the Garden of Eden, which stands for happy heaven. The combination of light gold-plated “Serpenti” head and gold snake body-shaped chain is filled with glamour.
Fourth, also available other colors and sizes! Absolutely the most easy matching purse!

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Chloé Drew bag in black you must collect it

Founded in 1952 in Paris, France, Chloé started with designing and manufacturing women’s clothing. Although Chloé purses were published until 2002, they occupied the market quickly because of simple and elegant design, cool details and modern charm. What is the most popular and hottest bag in Chloé purse family? Chloé Drew bag must be mentioned.


Whether celebrities or bag fashionistas, every Chloé girl own such one or more. Every Drew bag is attractive, which always makes girls happy. Here highly recommend one member of Chloé Drew bag: A black Drew purse replica (Medium). Whatever you wear, black is the most easy matching color for clothes. At first, selecting materials show sincerity. Calfskin and Cowhide Leather was selected to make the purse which was decorated with nice hardware fittings. The inspiration of Drew bag came from saddlery in the 1970s. Its outline is delicate and modern, and stylish lines are outstanding. The elegant twist-lock fastens the flat flap and the body. Yellow brass chain and horseshoe-shaped buckles is a perfect match. The black Drew bag over the shoulder, across the body and even on the desk is quite easy-matching. 8.5″ x 2.5″ x 7″ dimension can hold more items than you imagined.

There is no doubt that Drew bag was very popular, then other Drew bags in different colors and materials followed. Chloé fans have more choices, but you may be so dazzled that you can’t determine. Why not try Chloé Drew bag in black? It won’t let you down.

Chloé Hudson brown leather multicolored suede tassels shoulder bag

A high fashion brand without iconic logo can be recognized by its design at a glance, Absolutely Chloé! As the ” it bag ” tycoon, the design of Chloé is impressed deeply. From the street style, we know that Chloé bag is fell in love by celebrities and fashionistas. For instance, Hudson tassel bag is far more popular than Drew bag. Chloé Hudson brown leather multicolored suede tassels shoulder bag was even sold out.

Tassel is always a popular element used in clothing, handbag and accessories. If you pay attention to some official websites, such as Chloé, Chanel, Burberry and so on, you will find tassels are decorated with different fashion items. Among Chloé Hudson tassel bags, Chloé Hudson brown leather multicolored suede tassels shoulder bag catches girls’ eyes. Swinging suede tassels dance happily as you walk, which make you become the most attractive scene in the crowd. The Hudson tassel bag inherited the classic saddle from Drew bag. Yellow brass buckles are so adorable and impressive. Though it looks little, in fact, such a cute purse is a big belly. 3D look and soft leather supply more room for you. Warm earth tone, brown conveys your low-key but confident charm to the outside world. The purse in brown with colorful tassels is the best accessory in any season or on any occasion.

Chloé Hudson brown leather multicolored suede tassels shoulder bag suits you in casual wear, sexy dresses or skirt suits. It is the worst is that your favorite items were sold out. Don’t hesitate, otherwise you’re left with regret and remorse.

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PARIS, FRANCE – MARCH 07: Pernille Teisbaek is wearing a Chloe bag and a beige vetement coat seen in the streets of Paris during the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 206/2017 on March 7, 2016 in Paris, France.








Recommend Celine Luggage Phantom replica in black

Viewing from the development of Celine handbags, Celine keeps expressing the fashion world’s concern for culture and movement and also symbolizes a new lifestyle. Retro colors, romantic feelings, each of Celine purses brings you fresh and exciting feelings. Every girl expects to get at least one Celine purse.

As one of the most important series in Celine purse family, Celine Luggage uses top quality to convey a new and confident attitude. In 2011, Celine Luggage Phantom was published on the basis of Celine Luggage. Even though they are similar in the appearance, Celine Luggage Phantom expresses its vivid characters. Highly recommend Celine Luggage Phantom replica in black on the

Different from Celine Luggage, Celine Luggage Phantom looks inverted trapezoidal and has bigger wings. In a word, it is easy to be recognized from appearance. Both wings with fringes add lively characters to the bag. It is necessary to fasten the adjustable hook straps when the bag is filled with too many items. The zip pocket in the front was decorated with a braid waving leather puller which display its distinctive beauty in the detail. The softer leather was selected to make the bottom decorated with four rivets. Marvelous interior room, 16″ x 5.5″ x 11.5″ dimension, can hold any items you want to carry. A flat zip pocket on the back wall plays an important role in storing vital private items. The black bag can satisfy your needs in your daily life, also be worn in any season.

The black fake bag displays sincerity and craftsmanship of whether from selecting leather materials and decorations or making it. It must bring you the nice experience of wearing in your daily use. Just go for it.


Hermes Kelly Cut: A gorgeous blue crocodile clutch replica

Hemes Kelly bag was named after Grace Kelly, an actress who married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. As one of Kelly Family, Hermes Kelly Cut bag borrows many elements from Hermes Kelly bag, so the name “cut” is a shorter version than Kelly bag. Hermes delimits its stock and reserves it for the rare, experienced and elite people, hence it is quite expensive and difficult to purchase for common women. Why not consider getting a replica? Such a gorgeous blue crocodile clutch is used both during the eve and in the formal occasions.

The design and the look is highly minimal but beyond beautiful. The outline is rectangle and a flat handle is short but stylish and typical. Crafted with a turn-lock with narrow leather straps which both ends fixed at the back. On seeing the design for the classic closure, we know it is Hermes.

31 x 12 x 3 cm dimension is enough to stuff your some vital items. As a chic clutch, the design for the interior is simple, after all good look is more important. It isn’t too small but looks like an adorable artwork.

Blue is a cool and calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. It generally looks good in almost any shade and it is a popular color. In the hot weather, be a goddess as you dress yourself in beautiful clothes with such drop-dead gorgeous clutch.

The gorgeous blue crocodile clutch in Hermes Kelly Cut makes many bag fashionistas’ heart flutter. Its sleek look lends to formal or evening occasions.

Bring home the Hermes Birkin in red Crocodile 35cm Replica

Hermès is a luxury brand across the world, which was established by Thierry Hermès in 1837 in Paris. It that began with producing high-quality harnesses has a history of more than 170 years so far. Hermes purpose: provide flawless products and  supreme beauty for customers.

Hermès Birkin Bag was published for women in 1984, including the dimension for 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm. Hermès has these handbags in different price levels since different materials, colors and decoration were used. Highly recommend 35cm replica Hermes Birkin crocodile leather handbag in red with gold hardware.

You will be attracted by its good look the moment you see it at the first sight. The classic red is always associated with passion, romance, determination and confidence. All women dreams of wearing the red crocodile tote in Hermes Birkin. Clear crocodile lines, delicate cut design and neat stitches prove high-end workmanship. The four gold studs protect the bottom well, at the same time they stand for luxury and taste with gold lock. Top handles supply women with the comfortable experience of wearing, which are so soft and tenacious that they can help women reduce the weight even though they carry a lot of items. Hermes seldom designs the zip closures, and Flip-over flap with gold lock as the classic closure is very common in Hermes handbags. The tote models bring us another surprise-the interior design. All women will enjoy such design for a big pocket tote handbag with a big slip pocket and a flat zip pocket. It symbolizes the honor of noble and elegance, also has been an essential for successful or rich women on the social occasion. Victoria Beckham who owned more than 800 Hermes handbags before building her own fashion brand.

It’s surprising that such a Shiny Braise Porosus tote was sold out for $95,600 at the auction. Some think it’s not worth much money since many crocodiles were killed cruelly and it’s just a bag. For ordinary people, such a dear handbag is within sight but beyond reach. As environmentalists, Hermes Birkin in red Crocodile 35cm Replica handbags are good choices. You are the focus in the crowd even though you wear a T-shirt and jeans with the handbag.