Alluring Bvlgari Serpenti Forever shoulder bag

As the third jewelry brand from Italy in the whole world, Bvlgari enjoys a high reputation in bold, unique, noble and classic design style. Sophia Loren, an Italian actress worked as the spokesperson of Bvlgari jewelry. Bvlgari means high end, which attracts many fans different stratums from Royals to middle class.

“Serpenti Forever” shoulder bag is worthy of the name “it bag” in the street fashion. A great number of  female stars at home and abroad wear it in their daily life.

Why Serpent?
Greek mythology is the inspiration of the serpent which symbolizes life. In Ancient Greece, Asclepius was considered as God of Healing who held a sceptre with two serpents. People believe serpent means rebirth, healing and mysterious power. Besides, with the development of Roman culture, serpent totem became an important element in designing jewelry. Later the serpent element was applied to purses.

Why is “Serpenti Forever” so hot?
First, serpent totem symbolizes positive energy.
Second, “Serpenti Forever” shoulder bag is a perfect match of precious metals, gems and nice leather, which is not only a bag, even a lifelong investment.
Third, the design for details contains delicate charming. The structured silhouette with geometry was inspired by the Garden of Eden, which stands for happy heaven. The combination of light gold-plated “Serpenti” head and gold snake body-shaped chain is filled with glamour.
Fourth, also available other colors and sizes! Absolutely the most easy matching purse!

PS: “Serpenti Forever” shoulder bag is about $2000-2300. If you don’t mind replicas, is the world of luxury replicas. Good quality! Nice service! Fast delivery! Please click on the trustworthy website!