Letecký snímok letiska Sliač

Air Base Sliač

The 2nd Squadron is located at the joint-use (military and civilian) international airport Sliač. It is also known under its historical name „Three Oaks Airport“ that was given to it during the Second World War. It is situated in the central part of Slovakia, right in the middle between the town of Zvolen and the town of Banská Bystrica.


The first reference to the military planes landing in the Three Oaks Airport dates back to 15 July 1935. The aviation school was established in the Three Oaks Airport in May 1936. On 1 September 1937, the Air Force Garrison relocated to the airport. The construction of the barracks for pilots was launched one year later.

La-5 at the Three Oaks airfield

The above mentioned aviation school, then better known as a flight school for pilots, played a very important role in the history of flying. The school was operated by the Czechoslovak aero club for central Slovakia and the seat of the club was located in Zvolen. In April 1936, the national fund-raising campaign helped the aero club gain three training planes and give rise to the idea of building the first own hangar. Those years saw the mastery of aerobatic skills performed by the best Czechoslovak pilots of that time such as Major Ambruš and field pilot Lieutenant Trnka. Behind the closed doors of the hangars, just before the uprising broke out, many machines that had been put out of operation underwent major repairs and were prepared for use in combat.

At the beginning of the Slovak National Uprising (SNU), the airport became home to a combined squadron. Captain Belo Kubica was a commander of the Three Oaks Airport and 1st Lieutenant Mikuláš Šinglovič was a commander of the combined squadron. The airport was bombed several times, twice with devastating consequences. The airport in Sliač became famous during WWII, particularly thanks to the contribution of pilots and aviation to the history of the uprising. The airport resumed its operation after the liberation on 21 March 1945, and its original name “Three Oaks Airport” was changed to a new official name the “SNU Airport Sliač”.

MiG-15 at the Three Oaks airfield

After the end of the Second World War, Czechoslovakia fell under the influence of the Soviet Union. Such change brought on the introduction of the Soviet armament and military system into the national aviation structure. The Czechoslovak aviation industry thus remained preserved only partially. In 1968, the SNU Airport Sliač and adjacent areas were occupied by the Soviet troops, except civil sector which remained under control of the Czechoslovak airlines.

In 1989, after the so-called “Gentle Revolution” (or “Velvet Revolution” in the Czech Republic), the Soviet troops, forced to act under international agreement, had to leave the Airport Sliač and its facilities within one year. After departure of the Soviet troops, the airport was returned to the Air Force Service of the former Czechoslovak Federal Republic. And after the split-up of the CSFR, the air force units of the Slovak Republic were the only remaining units in the airport. Currently, the airport is home to the Otto Smik Mixed Air Wing, the 1st Fighter Squadron and the 2nd Tactical Training Squadron.

Airport reconstruction

Reconstruction of the runway at the Airport Sliač began on 6 May 2009. Since the reconstruction included the extension of the runway, no military or civilian plane was allowed to land at or take off from the airport. During the closure, the 2nd Squadron temporarily relocated to the military airport at Malacky-Kuchyňa. The reconstruction and building works were completed at the end of May 2010. On 15 July 2010, L-39s were the first aircraft to move back from Kuchyňa. The first pilot who landed on the newly reconstructed airport was Lt Mário Nedelka. Being the youngest pilot in the wing he was chosen to represent a symbol of bright future.  The airport was officially handed over to the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic on 25 May 2010. Civilian planes began using the airport on 16 June 2011.

Airfield data

Geographical coordinates ARP and AD location 483817N 0190803E
Altitude ASL/Reference temp. 1 044 ft (318 m)/ 26,8 ˚C (JUL)
Magnetic declination/Annual change 4°E (2010)/+6' E
Approved types of operation IFR/VFR, day/night
Runway 18/36
Runway dimensions 2 400×57 m
Geographical and magnetic heading of RWY18 181,94˚ GEO, 178,02˚ MAG
Geographical and magnetic heading of RWY36 001,94˚ GEO, 358,02˚ MAG
Communication systems:
Sliač Tower 122,900 MHz
Sliač Radar 119,150 MHz
Navigation systems:
VOR SLC 114,000 MHz
ILS 36 108,700 MHz
NDB FS 412 kHz
LOCAL F 295 kHz

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