Originally I bought a bag as the birthday gift to a friend, and then the delivery address forgot to modify, it was sent directly to me. So I need to visit her at weekend. When the box was checked and accepted, I was completely attracted by the value of the bag. The color is better than the picture.

Thin black leather straps touch well. And the same tone stitching is fine and elaborate, offering a wonderful experience to the customers.

The closure design of the bag is also very unique. There is no general closure such as button and zipper. This engraved bag uses a metal perforated seal, which is very eye-catching. Of course, this hook is stitched on the bag. So, don’t worry about that there is no place to keep the hook when bag is open. At the same time, it shows the designer of the bag is very considerate.

I like the design of the both sides that belong to this imitated bag. With button, the sides have the beautiful lines, adding the gentle and modern to the whole bag. And due to the slim strips with buttons on both sides, so that the bags can be linked together to add security to bag. So, this bag is quite safe, although it has the open design.

Of course, if the demand for space is relatively large, this bag can be used as a bucket bag. Open the buttons on both sides will make more room for using. This is also the place that the bag attracts me.

The lining of bag is made of the classic canvas. In fact, I like this material very much. It is relatively hard and malleable, which can make the shape of bag very well. The material of the canvas is relatively wear-resistant and can be well managed during use. Don’t worry too much about the care of the bag.

Unlike other bags, this knock-off bag has no compartment inside, except for one main space. This is inconvenient for women who like to plan items neatly. Of course, the designer use the small canvas bag to solver this problem, which is connected with this bag. Though it is a small bag, the details are not perfunctory. Black leather edging, delicate red stitching and polished hardware, the bag can be used alone as a handbag. Unlike the elegant main bag, this small bag is more handsome and individual.

Black leather bottom with four gold metal buttons, which can keep the bag away from the harmful from the ground or something else. And in order to better protect the bottom, there are the leather strip connection between buttons and the bottom. This design is more robust and beautiful.