Burberry has created the most fascinating check in the world. Burberry British check composed of red, camel and grey was registered as the trademark. The check was used as the lining of Trench Coats. The fashion trend leads to the classic fusion of the vintage style and modern innovation, and Burberry check has been applied to clothing, accessories and household items successfully. More than 90 years went by, Burberry check still represents a long history, the British and high end quality. More kinds of innovative check have derived from the classic sign, Burberry London Check included. Mr. Brad Pitt prefers Burberry London Check.

Brad Pitt
Mr. Brad Pitt with blond hair and blue eyes wears charming smiles, full of infinite charm. He once was nominated twice at Oscar Awards, but he doesn’t win a Oscar award until today. A lot think that The Oscar envies handsome actors. Hollywood actors have the Oscar complex, like Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio had been top actor since he starred the film Titanic. His film works didn’t make the Oscar feel satisfied in the following 20 years. The clean, handsome and attractive Leonardo has changed into a fat guy that fans can’t believe. To 2016, he won his dream Oscar Award for the dirty, crazy character in the film The Revenant. Brad Pitt had the same experience as Leonardo DiCaprio, but it seems that he doesn’t care the prize. He opened his film company, and he stars and invests some films. He invested the two films telling the black, and they both won the Best Picture Awards. Coincidentally, Brad Pitt is abbreviated to BP which is the same as the Oscar Best Picture (BP). Maybe it’s destiny that Brad Pitt should turn to the Oscar Best Picture, not the most popular Actor Award.

Brad Pitt’s Style: Burberry London Check Leather Trim Messenger Bag
Frankly speaking, the public pay attention to women’s handbags more than men’s bags, although a lot of brands launch new arrivals every year. Anyway, It’s not girls’ exclusive right to wear chic bags. A right bag for a man is important in the modern society. How to choose a right men’s bag? It will never be wrong to follow in Brad Pitt’s style.

Mr. Brad Pitt sure knows how to dress. The always-stylish father of six is pictured above at JFK airport, after a trip to Cannes, France to promote his new and upcoming movie, Inglorious Basterds, a film by Quentin Tarantino. I can only imagine the tight schedule Brad Pitt is always on, yet he still manages to look great. During his journey, he wore an ultra functional Burberry London Check Messenger Bag.

A neatly proportioned messenger bag assembled from refined London check with a leather trim. Defined by its practicality, the structured shoulder style is equipped with a magnetic closure linking a large flap cover.
Outer: 100% PVC
Trim: 100% leather
Lining: 100% polyester